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We established iBer – Berliner Optische Technologie in 2017, located in Berlin-Tempelhof. iBer (pronounced like the English word “eye” and “Ber” for Berlin) was founded by a group of employes with the knowledge over 15 years of experience in the optical industry. We distribute high-quality lenses and frames from a diverse range of options. With our extensive expertise, we understand how to fulfill customer needs. iBer primarily offers products of exceptional quality and customer-oriented solutions. Additionally, our team provides personalised service by presenting the entire collection of frames in person. We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you. The iBer team.





Why is it beneficial to collaborate with us?

We exclusively provide products that align with your expectations. Solutions and initiatives are designed to your advantage and implemented by our team.

We continually evolve our company to meet your vision of success. Success embodies accomplishment, progress, prosperity, and happiness. iBer offers you Success with a capital “S”!